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Marca-Relli Productions, LLC is a multi-media organization that brings their skills as filmmakers to illuminate persecution, injustice and brutality around the globe. They advocate real solutions for the people who face these real problems.

Multi-award winning, veteran filmmaker, Robert Marcarelli, has extensive experience shooting media throughout the world. His twelve full-length features have garnered critical success as well as distribution in over 70 countries internationally. Marcarelli specializes in hazardous “off the beaten path” subjects working both openly and, when needed, covertly as required for some of his many dangerous locations including Iraq, Sudan, Jordan, Israel, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, Philippines and Moldova,. His experience and acumen in the field are the essential elements that have allowed him to successfully bring his assignments (projects?) in, on time and on budget. And his deep sensitivity for the oppressed and persecuted has led him to be earned him coveted membership Knight Legate for the Knights of Jerusalem.

For over twenty years Joyce Marcarelli, has amassed hundreds of writing assignments from commercials and feature films to raw edged contemporary documentaries. From Biblical epics to modern day legal dramas her work continues to be honored with awards and critical praise. Her documentary writing involves topics as varied as the First Century Christian Martyrs in Rome to the Twenty-First Century Victims of Modern Day Slavery around the world. Currently working as an editor, she has completed a short film, “Iraq: Christians in Peril” for an international nonprofit organization as well as working on a second documentary on human trafficking.

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