How a ReelAid Project Works

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Associated Costs

The promotional films we produce are done at an 80 – 90% reduction in price to the grantee.*

Your Non-Profit Organization will be required to apply for a Promotional Video Grant. Please be aware that your organization will be responsible for 10-15% of the budget. This can be "paid" for example, through volunteer hours, money, providing housing and/or homemade meals for the crew. Thus, your participation is required, and is key to the production process. Please download the following PDF (works easily if you have broadband access) and refer to our contact information to mail or fax the form.

Click here to download a Promotional Video Grant Application (PDF).

We Keep Costs as Low as Possible

As technology has advanced, the price of equipment has decreased. Professional quality digital cameras and editing systems are now available at consumer prices. Because we come from a community of filmmakers, we are able to solicit the services of experienced and highly trained professionals at low to no cost.

The core group of documentary filmmakers we work with already own most of the equipment necessary to make the videos. Often times the host non-profit group will cover some food and housing (within their own homes). But other hard costs, such as insurance, tape stock, repairs, periodic rentals, travel, and DVD printing, will need to come from grant money. Because documentary film crews operate more unobtrusively when kept to a minimum (2-4 people), we have the advantage, with rare exception, of not having to hire others.

  • Average Cost Per Video: $24,000
  • Average Return On Investment: $200,000

*We require Non-profit organizations to “pay” for a portion of their video (with money, volunteer hours, etc). Statistics show greater care is given when a personal investment is made.