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Recent Projects:

CNN Hero Awards

ReelAid Founder, Andy Lauer and Robin Lim, of, at the CNN Hero Awards in Los Angeles, where she received Top Honors. Also nominated was Eddie Canales and the Gridiron Heroes, topic of ReelAid's current film in production.


Angels of the Amazon (AoA)
Deep in the Amazon jungle, Reelaid traveled up river to Angels of the Amazon to spotlight the organization's work educating and supplying first-world health care to indigenous tribes.

ReelAid AoA trailer (password: amazon) 



Gridiron Heroes:The Hill That Chris Climbed

The compelling story of high school football star, Chris Canales, whose life was dramatically altered when he broke his neck in a football game, leaving him paralyzed. Narration by Taylor Kitsch. Watch the ReelAid trailer for this project. Click here for more info

The Prison Phoenix Trust

Narrated by Academy Award winner, Jeremy Irons, the story behind The Prison Phoenix Trust follows the efforts of a small but brave group of people who've brought meditation and yoga to prisoners in the UK. Highlighting the success of the program, even the prison guards began asking to join in. 
Watch the trailer
Visit The PPT website

American Legacy Foundation

ReelAid has been commissioned to create provocative, compelling outreach videos for Legacy, whose mission is to build a world where young people reject tobacco and anyone can quit.
Watch the Butt Really campaign video
Watch Redefining Cool, with Daryl Hannah

Sahaya International
An all-volunteer organization supporting healthcare, education, and socioeconomic grassroots programs in developing countries, particularly in India. Sahaya gives life-saving assistance to HIV-affected communities in rural India, and together, they build a better future. Narration by Jeremy Irons.
Watch the ReelAid trailer for Sahaya Int'l


An incredibly personal, poignant journey of ongoing struggle between one family's love and the demons of methamphetamine addiction.
Watch the ReelAid trailer for Cope

Edison Language Academy    
The Edison Language Academy
Narrated by Academy Award winner Sidney Poitier. When a small, dual language public school in Santa Monica, California began winning top honors in all fields of academic achievement, District Officials turned their heads. Narration by Sidney Portier.
Watch the ReelAid trailer for Edison 

The African Children's Choir
Shot on location in Africa by Taylor Kitsch and Trey Holland for the African Children's Choir. came on to consult the project and prep it for its debut at a Taylor's New Years eve benefit in Austin, Tx to benefit the organization. The event broke the record for the most money earned.
Watch the African Children's Choir video

Catholic Charities

Actor Edward James Olmos presents this fundraising initiative for its planned community service center in Albuquerque, to be known as Casa de Corazon. This $5 million charitable facility will house a number of critically-needed social and educational programs and services for poor children, families (including immigrants) and the homeless and unemployed.
More info coming soon!

The Tehuacan Project    

The Tehuacan Project: Home for Deaf Children 
Shot on location in Mexico and recently premiered at The Hearts and Minds Film Festival. Executive Produced by Brad Pitt, Narration by Adrien Brody.
Watch the Tehuacan Project ReelAid trailer

Dedicated to improving the health of impoverished women in Guatemala.


Red Cross

The International Red Cross in Honduras Rebuilding lives after a devastating hurricane.

Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation 

EBMRF is a volunteer nonprofit foundation dedicated to the support of medical research of Epidermolysis Bullosa.

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