How a ReelAid Project Works

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An Essential Fundraising Tool

Fundraising allows organizations to share their mission with a wider audience, and further inspire loyal supporters. Reelaid videos introduce potential donors to the vision and achievements of the organization, and re-ignite the commitment of existing donors.

A fundraising video invites potential donors to join in the organization's efforts and become part of the circle of supporters. The video speaks to the inherent generosity of the viewer. And it shows how contributions of time, energy and money make possible an organization's achievements.

The ideal video balances sobering statistics, compelling visuals, and human stories. The effect is simple yet memorable. For it is the human touch – the indelible images of real people, captured in real time – that forges the connection between an organization and its supporters.

Thousands of organizations around the globe work tirelessly to help make this world a better place. These groups strive to end poverty, promote peace, educate, fight the spread of disease, and clean our environment. Through the art of moving images, Reel Aid empowers organizations to find the funding and support they need to continue their vital work.