How a ReelAid Project Works

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Plan of Action

We are filmmakers from the Hollywood community producing low to no-cost promotional videos for non-profit organizations who in turn use them to fundraise and create public awareness. We offer our services to organizations operating successfully within their scope but lacking the resources (financial or tech) to produce their own media. These groups often conduct their work in the projects, the ghettos, and the developing world—beyond the orbit of most potential donors. So we bring the story to them.

Hollywood Connection: Our recent videos have included the narration and producer talents of high-profile celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Jeannie Tripplehorn and Academy Award Best Actor winners Adrien Brody and Sidney Poitier. Through their participation we continue to attract comparable talent from the industry for future projects.

It is our intention to relay stories of hope and inspiration. People support those who demonstrate the determination and heart to tackle difficult issues, and utilize media resources.

Equally critical to success and unique in its approach is our partner, Motive Marketing ( who provides each organization with its own comprehensive outreach plan for fundraising and marketing, in avenues tailored to each group's specific strengths and needs.

Research shows that visual media (such as graphics and video) enhance the viewer's comprehension and keeps them more engaged by up to 74% as opposed to only text or audio. Our eight to ten-minute video presentations immerse potential donors in the action of an organization, bridging the distance between donor and the world of the organization, be it a hospital, slum, athletic field or distant country.